Change the winds …

The winds carried me North; to a place as unseen as the silent corners of my heart. Life flowed steady in my veins, fuelling me onwards. The journey is one I’ve never before travelled; bringing me closer to the destination I was always meant to discover.

The queen that once ruled …

The steady pressure of duties deadly; the constant cries from the poor and needy; the inescapable wrath of a fate unseen; the weight of the crown is heavy indeed. A thousand to bleed for you; millions that’ll pelt stones yet to come; facing dangers from enemies on the lines, and those you knew; your name a constant beat on their tongues. A life that slashes, and scars, and bleeds; puts you on a throne, and asks to lead. The weight of the crown, is, alas!

…oh so heavy, oh so damning.

Catch your breath …

In the quiet still of time, in a corner away from the rest of the world, and the gentle breeze soothing the voices in our head; the world seemed much better. We were not in want of answers then, nor lost in the pursuit of love. Life was a steady stream in that moment; our hearts were content with where they were.

Under the same sky, we sit …

“You’re asking me to paint the impossible; to bring down the stars from the sky. Because what else is it but an impossible task? To capture the beauty in his smile, and speak tales of it. It dazzles me; blinds me, and shakes me to my core. The world would be much darker, if it were not for his smile that reminds me of everything soft and gentle.”

~ Shruti Pandey

In shadows it exists …

For far too long it has gone without light;

the matter of your darkness,

and how you hide it behind your smiles.

The blood that makes you is just as thick;

heavy like tar,

washing away promises not deep.

But you put on a show;

make them believe in the lies you spin.

Nothing with you is at it seems;

your heart beats hollow,

promising empty dreams.

~ Shruti Pandey

Forgotten tales …

You weave a story for them to see; your movements graceful, your eyes heavy. You twist and swirl, and move and glide; never defying the rhythm, making me dance as your perfect accomplice. The farce, they don’t understand; the truth always dancing out of reach. We are but a shadow of what we used to be; our love, now, doesn’t run as deep.