Simply ‘live’ly

Life has taught me a lot. And I’m sure each one of us extract something valuable from life at each stage and turn of our growth. I look up to a lot of people. There’s so much to learn from watching people around you. From the biggest inner strength , to the more finer art of being happy and contented , the world has a lot to offer if we just learn to look for it.

It amazes me sometimes at how good a teacher life is. How valuable and ever lasting its lessons are. I would also dare to say that though sometimes the way those lessons are taught are brutal , they’re also the best things to happen to us in the long run. In fact , as I’m writing this , even I’m feeling this more and more and finding the courage to move despite my odds.

I also wonder why some people give up , while some still continue to fight. I’ve seen people come out of the greatest adversities , albeit damaged , but their strength never waning. I wish everyone in the world finds the courage in them to fight their odds and encourage others to do the same.

With something as frisky as life , our only shot at being happy is holding on with all our might and fighting. Trying to figure it out is pointless. Life will let you live , but only on its own terms. This is not the place to assert your dominance. Always remember.

Regardless ,

Life is a myth.

Love Yourself

Self image is the best image. The biggest mistake you can ever commit is to expect others to love you when you can’t even love yourself first. But what does loving yourself entail? Simply put , it’s how much you love yourself to value your integrity , your opinions , your emotions and your thoughts without hurting anyone else in the process. It’s how much you respect yourself to not let other people’s opinion break you down , to know when it’s enough and to also know when to back down. Love and value yourself as an individual because any event that that concerns you , also starts with you.

Do things that make you happy when you’re not busy spreading positivity around and helping people. Eat that extra slice of cake , drink heaps of water( who knows , maybe the next thing you know , you’ve successfully landed yourself in a desert) , then sweat off all those extra calories like nobody’s business in your DIY home gym.

A positive self image and just in general being in a happy place about your body and your self , will do wonders for your self confidence and happiness.

People complain about not being happy , or being hurt. They look everywhere in this world for that missing link and if they can’t find it , they sit down dejected.

It’s you! It’s in you.

Soul Deep

The health of the soul shines through the being. What’s experienced through the soul , is carried with us forever. Farther than eternity and nearest to Him.

You can’t just wake up one day and expect to take the biggest plunge within yourself. Practically , there are a very few and very rare moments of revealations in life. And more often than not , they come the hard way. No , to be finally at peace with everything in life , you first need to look inside and make sure you’re flowing smoothly with life. Make sure that your reactions are in perfect tandem with life’s curve balls. You need to let go , accept whatever you’re recieving , good or bad , to be able to be born again and live.

Make peace with your thoughts. Join hands with your emotions. Whatever you’re going through , will pass. Till then , you have to fortify your peace and ride with the waves of your life.

Like they say , swim along the waves , not opposite to them. Let there be a little calmness in your chaos today. Let us pick up all the love and goodness while our soul’s open. Focus on filling it with goodness and peace.

And if I do say so myself ,

‘ The fingerprints of our soul never fade from this world’.

In A Conversation With The Heart

Staying mentally powerful is the first step. Loving yourself is second. But coming to terms with your emotions is the next.

I’m not going to say anything unique. We all are aware with this fact. The more you try to resist your emotions , the harder they push. Want an example? Try holding in your loo for an hour. I can guarantee you’ll curse my damned existence. While you’re at it , you’ll be torturing yourself , making oddly suspicious faces. You might even start dancing( as I’ve done a time or two) . But whenever the dam breaks , it’ll be a huge mess. Followed by an intense , unmatched relief. The end result? Me recieving flying boots from all directions. Regardless , if you took the pain of relating to this situation , apply the same to your emotions.

Running away from them is never the solution. It’s like you’re delaying the inevitable. Holding off and bearing until the dam breaks. A slow trickle is always pleasant. A huge onslaught is always destructive.

An individual who’s not emotionally stable always suffers. You have to tap within yourself. You and me both know that no matter how much anyone tries to inspire us , we can’t be helped unless we want to help ourselves. Our inner strength stays with us for our life.

If it helps , I have a small tip which works for me. I think of all my emotions as separate , individual wells. All filled to the brim. Whenever I think someone’s approaching one of them , as in making me feel something which’s harmful for me , I start contemplating about how much of that emotion I’m willing to let them draw. Whether I’m angry , anxious ,jealous or hurt , I focus on how I want to limit the person’s access to it , who’s causing it.

In the beginning , it diverted my focus , helped me calm down but as the years passed , it gave me knowledge. There came a time when I didn’t need to do it anymore. Slowly , but surely , I realised that not everyone is worth melting for. Instead of expecting calmness in this chaotic world , radiate peace and acceptance.

Your emotions are not your weak link. They’re the steps which make you human. You can’t deny the human within you by refusing to accept what you’re feeling. No measure of condolence in this world is going to soothe your fret. What is simply not in your hands , is inevitable.

Before moving on , learn to accept. Before running , learn to face. Before crying , learn to smile.

Mastering Your Thoughts

Quarantine’s been holding us all up. Put our lives on a hold and left us hanging as we are. So while I do try to utilise my leisure time in the best way possible , I also have been doing a lot of thinking recently. If not anything , then this period sure did give me a lot in terms of how much I was able to introspect and come upon certain conclusion of my own. So in a series of five posts , I’m going to put forward what I’ve learnt so far , the very basic and simple concepts that I’d failed to recognise till now :-

One , what’s yours will always find you. Two , no matter what you say or do , you can never control the things around you. These two facts took the longest for me to accept , but in the end, when I did , I was freer in my mind than I’d ever been. Whether we always say it or not , but all of us are ravaged by a war of some kind. But our greatest victory will always lie in the fact that we’re still here on the other side.

In the face of things , it’s easy to lose control , but if you take away anything from this post , let it be the knowledge that as long as you let your thoughts run , they’ll make you run for your life. Your mind is a vast place , with your thoughts like shooting stars firing off in every direction. What mark they’ll hit , you’ll never know. And it’s always impossible to judge if it’ll be a good one or not. What’s necessary for you to do in this life is to gather all your shooting stars and create a beautiful constellation for yourself. Who knows , tomorrow may or may not be.

To bloom in adversity is the biggest feat. To realise you can’t always have control is the biggest virtue. We can’t change our circumstances , but we can certainly love ourselves. If you think your problems are great , show it that your strength is bigger. Evil will always wear a mask , but remember , it can never stand the face of truth.

Gather all your thoughts and realise they’re important. The greatest of wars were won with the mind. Show the world what yours is made of.

As Gandhi said , “ Whatever you do in life , will be insignificant. But it’s important that you do it. Because nobody else will “.

Awesome Blogger Award

I would humbly like to thank TishGirl❤️ for nominating me for this award. I’m a great supporter of blogger awards not just because somebody receives them but also because I think it helps to make a positive community grow in the best way possible. Through these awards we come across so many amazing blogs that we would otherwise may not discover. Also , it’s a fun way to support and uplift each other for our work. So a huge thank you to my lovely Ritisha once again. You’re doing a great job. If you want to check out amazing content in context of an array of things , head over to her blog for the same. Thank me later 🙂

Here are the questions I was asked :-

1) Are you religious?

God has been my only saving grace a lot of times in my absurd life. So a huge fat yes to this question. I rely on Him a lot to guide me when the situations in my life get too much for me to handle🙏

2) What was/is your favourite subject at school?

My favourite subject at school was Biology💙

3) Who’s your role model?

My maa🙏

4) What was the last thing you ate?

Butter cookies 😉

5) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I’m sorry darling. I refrain from eating ‘things’. I much rather prefer food in its place 😛

6) What’s your no. one pet peeve?

Liars. People who lie.

7) Do you play any instruments?

I singularly enjoy pulling on people’s heart strings 😉

8) Which superpower do you want the most?

Wingardium liviosa👼👼 The power to fly , babies. The power to fly!

9) What’s your favourite movie?

I’m not big on movies. I rarely watch them. But Nosferatu is my only exception. The original one. It’s the only movie I watch ‘if’ I watch a movie 😛 Ik , I’m boring 🤷

10) Would you rather meet an alien or a superhero?

Superhero. Because they’re our heroes 💙

So that was my Q/A session. My questions for my nominated members are :-

1) 1 Million or a private yacht?

2) Sunrise or sunset? Why?

3) Dream destination and why?

4) What according to you is the worst part about getting hurt (emotionally)?

5) Spirit animal?

6) Which song spoke to you the most?

7) How does our planet’s future look like to you?

8) You’re going on a walk. Whom would you take along?

9) Land on moon or land on Mars?

10) Favourite movie?

My nominations for this award :-

1) Simon

2) gifted50

3) Vincent Ehindero

4) ayesha

5) anushk@

Here are the rules. Follow them carefully :-


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward.
  • Answer the questions you were asked.
  • Nominate at least five bloggers and inform them of their nomination.
  • Give them ten new questions to answer.

The Human Mind

The complexity of the human mind is unparalleled. One can think of it as a part of the universe. A little piece of it. Just like the universe can never be fully grasped , same goes for our human mind. It’s such a multidimensional entity that to feel that we’re aware with every aspect of it , is our greatest mistake.

We meet so many people in our lives on a daily basis. Thousands of strangers crossing our paths on our way to work , countless relatives of our own , hundreds of our school and college friends and our colleagues. We claim to know all of these people , but do we really? Is there ever going to be a foolproof stamp we can put on people that says we can always trust them blindly? Can we really trust them to not let go of our hand and not let us fall down the cliff , even if it endangers them?

I’d read this saying a very long time ago , in a book that I was reading at that time –

With human beings , you can never trust anyone

I wonder to what extent this statement is true. Does it have any boundaries? Any limitations? Is its scope limited to people only outside of our family or does it include our loved ones too?

There’s no denying the fact that at the end of the day , all of us , are human. And for every human , survival is their most basic instinct. I’ve seen people give up their instinct in favour of the love that they have for somebody. Which makes me think , if love makes people blind , how many people love us really? What is the extent of their love for us? Does everybody around us , whom we think we know , harbour the same extent of love for us to go blind in it? Perhaps no. Maybe we’ll never know. Or maybe we will. Whatever the case , this is where the complex human mind makes a reappearance.

Somebody might feel like they hold a candle out for you , when in reality , all it’ll take is for their mind to trip in the wrong direction for them to truly realise that’s not the case. How many people do we pass on the streets whom we think look so beautiful when actually all they can fathom is how beautiful your heart will look , served hot , with a Caesar salad as a side dish? How many people do we , or will , at some point of our lives , encounter who preach love but literally only see us as a money bag? How many heartbreaks we went through to realise people don’t always stand up for their promises? I always say-

‘ There should be a promise chart in this world , just so we have a record of all those who lied’ .

This goes not only for these facets , but so many other ones as well. Numerous occasions have revealed themselves where we see unexpected people do unexpected things. So many people do something that goes beyond their baser nature because of their circumstances.

All in all , if we put aside all negative and positive aspects of this topic , one fact neutrally presents itself. It’s how unpredictable the human mind really is. The way I see it , it’s a necessary evil. I think it’s the best coping mechanism. Life is unpredictable , but so is our brain. But the only thing that matters though , is how we balance it. Situations are usually a little trippy , but you have to dig in your heels at the right moment and then choose from the thousand different possibilities offered to you by your brain the best one that suits your circumstances and respect other people doing the same as well.